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I believe in this product so much that I am including a $10 Gift Voucher to use at my store.

In 2012 I released a card thru card (inspired by Emerson and West) I called "The Other Side" It was a HUGE step forward to this plot. But...there were some major LOGIC issues I was not happy with. 

5 years later those problems have been solved...

Welcome to Unleaded your NEW favorite penetration!

  • NO Switches!
  • NO Dental Damn!
  • NO Thread!
  • NO Magnets!
  • Pencil or Pen can be borrowed!

Go HERE to see the FULL description


We LOVED that! That is Incredible!

Howie Mandel and Mel.B

LOVED your show Justin! Would you like to eat dinner with me?

-Milt Larsen-

(Founder of the World Famous Magic Castle)

Justin Miller is easily one of today's most prolific thinkers and innovators

-Bobby Motta-


Justin Miller knows how to choreograph effects to create the strongest mystery and elicit the biggest reactions, better than any other performer I have ever seen 

- Bill Abbott-

Justin, you have found your stride 

-Dan Harlan-

"I purchase almost everything Justin puts out. His thinking is offbeat, his ideas are amazing, and it is all practical. I love practical. 
So I love Justin. 
He is headed toward the top"

-Marc Salem-

Wow, this guy is really good. Not only did you continue to fry me with your clever methods, but the way you engage your audience is so natural...I am a Justin Miller fan

-Barrie Richardson-


Justin’s has a unique and clever way of thinking about magic  

-Gregory Wilson-

Justin is like so fearless with performing... I swear Justin could be a billionaire if he ever truly decided to defraud us all as like a faith healer or something.


"I have followed you for a long time! I bought the Utopia Principle and I could NOT sleep all night. I was literally bangging my head all night..this is BRILLIANT! I am putting this into my stage show ASAP! Thank you for putting out this secret YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CREATORS!"

-Neo Mentalista-